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Package Receiving

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If you don't have a package receiving account yet, sign up here.  You can pay the annual $10 fee when you pick up your first parcel.

Parcel Receiving Service

Our Parcel Receiving Service is for packages only.  To receive First Class Mail, magazines, etc. you must rent a Mail Box.

Parcel Receiving Fees

$10 per year registration fee, waived if you have a Mail Box.

Package Size Price
1 - 49 pounds $3.00 per package ($2.25 for mailbox clients)
50 - 99 pounds $5.00 per package
100 - 150 pounds $10.00 per package
Pallet $30.00 per pallet (48" x 42" x 48" or larger)
"No Locker" Boxes $5.00 per package
(two dimensions larger than 22")

Please note the following terms for our parcel receiving service:
  • Fees include automatic email notification.
  • We accept deliveries from UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and all Freight Carriers!
  • Not responsible for parcels left over 180 days without prior arrangements.
  • Any package that is not in a shipping box has a minimum fee of $3.75 (Tires, Leaf Spring, Buckets, etc.).
  • COD with prior arrangements and $5.00 fee.
  • A storage fee of $0.25 per day per package ($0.50 for oversized packages)
    applies to all packages not picked up after 30 days of our receipt.

The physical address to use is:

First and Last Name or Company Name
1685 H Street  # (Account Number)
Blaine WA   98230 

After you create an account, you will receive an automatic email with your account number.  Please include this account number in the format above when sending packages to Mail Boxes International.

When ordering your product, please do not use our phone number. Use the phone number you would like your vendor to contact you at, if there is a problem.